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Relax and enjoy the peaceful spa and jungle garden atmosphere;  eat a delicious healthy salad with tons of fresh ingrediant take some deep breaths and connect. Its pure bliss.  Our lunch options are  a lovely start or ending to your spa treatment, massage, or Maya healing session.  These lunches are  by preordered and  reservation only.  

PRICE:  $35.00 bzd per person                    

Eggplant Parmesan Sub

Perfectly breaded eggplant, plenty of sauce and melty cheese make this eggplant Parmesan sandwich simply irresistible! It’s so hearty, this eggplant sandwich is a meal in itself! 

served on a fresh baked wholewheat roll, with a cripsy lettus salad and pinneapples and cookies for desert

and the juice of the day 

Mediterranean Bowl

These delicious Mediterranean hummus bowls are a great healthy lunch  option made with fresh and vibrant ingredients.  with splashes of fresh veggies and a scoop of quinoa topped with olives and sprinkled with feta cheese. They come with wedges of pita bread. Pinapple  and cookies for desert. served with the fresh juice of the day 

Smoked Turkey Wrap

Smoked Turkey  breasts lightly smoked to perfection and topped lots of crispy lettus tomatoes and garden veggies with your choise of chedar cheese, mustard, mayo. Served on lightly toasted sour dough bread. yumm.

served plantain chips,  pineapples and cookies for desert. 

Fresh juice of the day included 

Tuna Salad Bowl

Our delicious tuna salad is mixed with mayo and spring onions,  served in a bowl,  brings a variety of crispy garden veggies, cheddar cheese slices, olives and a side of  quinoa. served with toasted pita bread. 

Comes with pineapple and cookies for desert. and the fresh juice of the day 

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