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Set back up in the forested hillside with birds and wildlife abounding, our lovely Ananda Pavilion is perfect for hosting and facilitating activities that promote healing, inspiration and reconnection. From Yoga groups and healing workshops, to ceromonies and ritual we provide the space and support for everyone to feel safe and welcome. 

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Stronger  Together

Friends in Spa

Pampering Together

Jungle spa treatments. Want your group to have a day to pamper yourselves together? With lunch and massage and spa treatments. Design your own package. half day and full day options. Contact us to find out more


Balance Point Wellness is set on 15 acers of forested jungle with 2 miles of hiking trails. A perfect place to reconnect to nature. Our guided tours of the property are conducted by  Don Rene a village elder whose knowledge of the ecology of the  area is inspiring. Offering his vast knowledge of local plants and plant medicine, known in Belize as "bush medicine", Don Rene leads a wonderful adventure . 

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