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General Information 

& FAQ's


The massage office is open Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm. Please contact us through the form  to find out available times for your massage or spa treatment. 


We are located in Bullet Tree Falls Village in The Cayo District of Belize. Our office is 1/4 a mile down Paslow Falls Rd on the left hand side. We have big signs marking the entrance and ample parking for clients. please see the google maps link at the bottom of the page for further directions. 


We take precautions cleaning protocols are in place to ensure the treatment room is thoroughly sanitized between sessions. There is an air filtration system and UV light sanitation protocols are in place to ensure a safe and clean treatment room. Please request if you feel  more comfortable for the therapist to wear a face mask. You are also free to wear one during the session as well.

If you have had ANY cold or flu  symptoms prior to your appointment, you will be asked to cancel and reschedule your session. 

If you  suffer from  any disease or disorders that might interfere with your ability to receive our healing  work, please inform us ahead of time and you may be asked to get your doctors approval prior to your appointment.


All  treatments are for therapeutic purposes only. No treatments substitute a doctors medical care. Any decisions you make regarding you personal health should always be based upon your own personal circumstances, research, and  in partnership with your  health care provider.

Treatments will only be conducted if therapist deems them safe for the client to receive at the time of the appointment. The therapist reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the appointment if the clients state of health is vulnerable at the time of service.

Immediate termination of the session will ensue if the client is intoxicated or inebriated in any way. 

Termination will also occur if, at any point during the appointment, the client engages in illicit or sexually suggestive remarks, sexual advances, and/or other illicitly inappropriate behavior.

CANCELLATION POLICY. Any appointment made is open to reschedule or cancellation 36 hours before the time of the appointment without penalty. We respectfully request if you need to change or cancel that you let us know as soon as possible.

Any last minute cancellation or "no show"  will be subject to a penalty fee of 50.00 payable at the next appointment. Thank you in advance for your consideration in these matters. 

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