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With Massage practitioner 

Thelma Gutierrez


Traditional Maya Healing 

Maya Healing Session Menu

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Yucatec Mayan  Spiritual Cleansing 

With Herbal bath (Kaabal nakk’il patz)


These cleansing sessions are a traditional Maya way of clearing energies that are not beneficial to body, mind or spirit. These sessions include Maya plant brushing, smudging with black or white copal smudging, prayers and aromatics herbs. An egg is sometimes used for cleansing as well. , the spiritual herbal bathing all preformed in our out door thatched spa facility under the canopy of the rainforest.

 During your session together, you and Thelma connect/collect flowers and leaves with special prayers from around the garden. She massages the plant in water with special intention and the mixture infuses in the sunlight. This magical combination of traditional Maya healing plant, water, sunlight and prayers, cleanses your energy and blesses you with healing light.

Maya spiritual cleansing is extraordinarily healing to receive on all levels and is therapeutic for those who are healing from emotional or physical traumas. The sessions are also especially restorative if you’re feeling blocked imaginatively or emotionally in your life and feel ready to clear out old energy, Rise up your vibration, restore your creative energy. These sessions leave you feeling refreshed with a new outlook on life.

These sessions are mostly done outside in our out door treatment spa and vary depending on the weather. Because Thelma’s session are personalized and guided by Angels and Helping Spirits,  Please plan at least 90 minutes and allow time to rest in a hammock and relax after your healing. 

PRICE TAG $  150.00                       TIME 90min

Special For Couples  $250.00

Traditional Maya Abdominal Massage/ La Sobada (Patz-Massage) 

option #2

Maya Abdominal Massage is a traditional healing technique used in the Maya tradition for thousands of years. It is a a gentle way of guiding organs back into optimal position, increasing efficiency, energy and blood flow in the area. This abdominal work is excellent for both women and men in aiding fertility and digestion. This massage also reduces stress and low back pain. It can help with digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and acid reflux. 

Mayan Abdominal massage is also used to release trauma from the pelvic and abdominal areas and bring a centered, empowered feeling to the receiver. These sessions are particularly useful for those who are looking to heal from past events, including childbirth. 

Thelma’s is a fantastic recourse from traditional knowledge and healing.  session are all personalized and guided by Angels and Helping Spirits. She may add in other elements of cleansing and healing depending on your needs and guides. please plan on at least 90 minutes for this session. And allow time to rest in a hammock and relax after your healing. Thank you!

PRICE TAG: $ 150.00 BZD               TIME 90 minutes

Maya Healing Exclusive Package

Maya Abdominal Massage with Spiritual Cleansin

option #3

 This is a combination session bringing together the  abdominal massage and the cleansing sessions including the plant collection and blessings . 

These session are personalized to address your specific needs and healing.  Please plan on at least 2 hours for these sessions, depending on your needs. And always allow time to rest in a hammock and relax after your healing. 

PRICE TAG: $ 220.00 BZD      TIME 3 hours

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group healing ceromony

We offer a group healing experience. Includes a spiritual cleansing and releasing rituals. 

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