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 Jungle plant, Medicine Trails

@ Balance Point Wellness

Paslow Falls Road, Bullet Tree Village 


By reservation

$ 50.00 BZD  for guided walk up to 5 people

$10.00 BZD for each additional person

Belize is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. More than 4,000 different native flowering plants can be found in Belize, as well as more than 700 different species of trees and other flora. Scientists have only just begun to catalog all of the different plants in the country, a difficult task as more than 70% of Belize is forest, rainforest, or jungle, much of it is old growth and incredibly dense.  For thousands of years, the Junlges of Belize have not only provided  basic sustenance and livelihood for local people, but also acted as the resource for nature’s pharmacy. Understanding and using native plant species to form effective medicines is a tradition in Belize dating back to the early days of the Maya civilization.

 DESCRIPTION Our medicinal trail walk takes you on 10 acers of nature trail, marked with exciting medicinal plants, ancient trees,  amazing birds,  and a variety of animal life;  See the remnants of the Maya life,  visiting unexcavated ruins sites and see ancient Mayan pottery scattered on the ground.  There is a printed booklet for you to follow along the trails and a guide walk is lead by Village Elder Rene Tesecum who shares his vast knowledge of medicinal plants and jungle life in this hour long tour.

Please contact us to make reservations

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Further Notes on Your Trail Walk

  • We encourage you to follow the signs and the instructions of your guide on your walk.
  • Please stay on the path to minimize damage to the plants.
  • We recommend wearing “close toed” shoes and bug spray on your walk.
  •  Please take only pictures and leave only your footprints. Please do not drop any garbange on the trail. 
  • As tempting as It may seem to carry off pieces of the ancient Mayan pottery found along this trail, please be aware that it is illegal to remove or tamper with these ancient Mayan artifacts. 
  • The Bush Medicine remedies listed, or remarked on, in the booklet, or mentioned in your tour by your guide, are only examples and not exact recipes or prescriptions. These herbs are to be tried only with guidance of a well trained medicinal healer, and in conjunction with your medical provider.
  •  This guide will show you  a variety of the  Medicinal Plants that are found and used commonly in Belize. This is by no means a complete list. The tropical forest is incredibly diverse and there are hundreds of medicinal plants that are even yet to be discovered.
  •  Please make sure to listen to the advise of the guide on your tour 

Ecology Of The Area

  Today over 25% over the world’s pharmaceutical drugs are derived from exotic plants found in the jungles of Belize and other tropical realms. many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are studying local plants to create new and ever more effective medicines. Increasing and encroaching human populations and climate change has made the work of cataloging, documenting and preserving habitat crucial to the health of our planet.

The ancient Maya goddess, Ix Chel, represented the powers of the medicinal world and healing and is often depicted in Mayan petroglyphs found at many of the ruins around Belize.

Locally referred to as “bush medicine”, the use of various plant roots, flowers, barks, seeds, and leaves to cure common ailments and as preventatives for major illnesses such as cancer is common practice in Belize. Many Belizean prefer to try their herbal bush medicines before going to the hospital and conveniently it is some of the most common shrubs, plants, and vines that are used as bush medicine in Belize. throughout the country these common plants grow along the roadside, in people’s yards, and in empty lots, making for easy and accessible homeopathic cures. In many cases, herbal cures are combined with mental and spiritual cleansing and healing practices invoking Ix Chel and burning the resin of the Copal tree, chanting and spiritual ceremonial bathing.

Our mission on the Medicinal Jungle Trail

To preserve and document as many of the native species, their uses, and applications, as possible; and to offer the trail for education purposes. All the funds generated on the trail go toward the up keep and preservation of the grounds and make this mission possible. Thank you for your contribution and ENJOY.


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