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Valentines Day Special 

Quarterly Balance Point Wellness


If you had not already heard, we are running a promotional deal though the end of July  for our already established clients, so please feel free to Use the PROMO code BELIZESUMMER2023 the next time you are making an appointment and receive a 20% discount on ALL regularly priced Therapeutic massage sessions. This offer is good until August 1st

There have been so many wonderful things happening at Balance Point Wellness this year, it is hard to know where to start but here is the first thing:

#1 Over this past year here at Balance Point we have added a new outdoor healing hut under the thatch in the garden. We are offering a whole new array of spa treatments and Maya healing sessions. If you have not already done so check out our new spa treatments, we are doing. rejuvenating body scrubs, rehydrating  seaweed wraps and detoxing Maya mud treatments. Use the Promo Code SUMMERSPA when booking your treatment and receive a 20% discount. This offer is good until August 1st. 

#2 We are also honored to have Thelma Gutierrez Weight joining the Balance Point Wellness team this year. She bring with her the Maya healing tradition which include abdominal massage, spiritual cleansing and energy cleansing baths. Please visit the web page to learn more about Thelma and her treatments

#3Yoga classes at our Ananda Yoga Pavilion are going strong. If you have not tried yoga before or have not visited the yoga pavilion we welcome everyone. No experience is nessesary. Right the in person classes are on schedule for twice a week Wednesday and Fridays at 8am. And we are also hosting an early morning 5:30am Belize Time ,  live streaming session on the Balance Point Wellness Instagram and facebook by donation

#4WE have also added on two new cabanas to our rental property and opened now the Ananda Guest house offering nightly weekly and monthly rentals right here on site. If your looking for a comfortable place to stay in Cayo, Our units all have AC and small kitchenettes screened in porches hammocks  and the most comfortable beds you will ever sleep in. Use the Promo Code SUMMERSTAYS and receive a 10% discount in on your rental. This offer is good until August 1st.

#5 We are also honored to have on our Balance point team is Don Rene who brings us his vast knowledge in medicinal plant with a tour our the Balance POint nature trails. his walks are so healing and connecting with loads of information.

We are also collaborating with WILDROOTS in San Ignacio to cater lunch for visitors for spa days and group sessions at the Balance Point Wellness office. If you have a friend, group or family come and join us for lunch and a spa treatment. It is a luxurious day.

We look forward to seeing you here soon and From all of us here at Balance Point Wellness Have a great day!!


 and if you have taken a moment to fill out  the survey. ..  THANK YOU. it is so helpful. 

THank you for trusting us with your health and wellbeing. It is truely an honor. Remeber to take time for yourself, slow down and breath om the freshness. find moments that belong to only you and may your spirit savor them. be blessed with all that makes you happy and healthy. 

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