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                            Health & Wellness Coaching 



* Embody your Best Self * Live your best life *

Whether your objective is to loose weight, or you need help to manage a chronic health issue, perhaps you want to develop an appropriate exercise routine, or address your digestion, sleep, or stress issues,  this  coaching package is individually designed  and tailored especially for you to get healthy and stay healthy.  We begin together by identify your goals, ascertaining the difficulties, address life style choices , work environment, eating habits and relationships. In each session we review and Identify small goals to make manageable and sustainable changes in your life; and we continue to build on them as we move you toward your larger goals. Taking in to account your available resources and long term vision, we  design a  plan that lets you achieve your highest health and wellness aspirations and embody a better you. 

This month-long coaching  series include 4, one-on-one, hour long, counseling meetings. You will receive relevant resources and guides, get assigned exercises, and be given motivational  tools and tips in implementing your vision for your better self. Through the month, you have access to me through chats on line when you have a question, problem or need motivation.  you will receive daily email inspired tips relevant to your goals.  Gently holding you accountable to your commitment to yourself. and be your biggest cheering section as you reach your goals

Feel better * Live Better * Be Better

What is Health  Coaching ?

What does a Integrative Health Coach do?

An Integrative Health Coach focuses on nutrition, physical activity,

relationships, career, and spirituality. These elements can impact markers of health such as stress, weight, and energy levels. The relationship between food and lifestyle and how they both affect health is the primary focus of an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

As a professional Health Coach, I am specially trained as a supportive health and healing mentor and wellness authority.  As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I have been specially trained in nutritional healing and integrative wholistic wellness. This includes addressing issues to do with weight management,   chronic illnesses or injury management,  stress, imbalances in work or family life, or formulating a healthier lifestyle that supports you to becoming your best self.  

What is the goal of Integrative Health Coaching ?

The health coaching process is designed to support you in identifying, setting up wellness objectives and, based on you individual experience, developing strategies that best suit you, to reach your goals.

It is not about one kind of diet, health fad, diet supplement, exercise routine, or one way of living, but instead these health coaching programs are tailored EVERYBODY as an individual. The process of health coaching is designed to bring about wholistic nutritional health and balanced full body wellness. These sessions are built on the philosophy that Wholistic Health is not just about the food on your plate, but also about having nourishing relationships, satisfyingly work, stable finances, developing spiritual practices, incorporating appropriate exercise, having refreshing sleep, making time available for play and fun in life. These programs are designed for our Belizean lifestyle to bring about balanced nutritional healing to your whole life.

What does the health coaching process look like?

We use one-on-one exploratory talk therapy, personalized exercises and self care practices, outings and discussions, supermarket fieldtrips, kitchen cupboard makeovers, and heathy living lectures to help redefine and strengthen your relationship with food, fitness, wholistic and integrated health and wellness. We have many tools available such as to assit us: explore relationships to food, diet changes including fasting  or juicing regimes, implement short term elimination diets to pin point possible food allergies, prescribe breathing exercises or yoga practice to help with stress or relieve muscle pain. Together we make manageable lifestyle changes that addresses your unique needs and health and weight goals.

What can I expect from coaching sessions?

What ever your health concern or goals may individually look like, The Health coaching program assists you to explore diet changes appropriate and available here in Belize, incorporate relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing, develope appropriate exercise routines and self care practices that will work for you as a unique individual and empower and support sustainable transformation in your life.

B E * W E L L * B E L I Z E

These private coaching programs offer 3 month or a 6 month commitments. (Group programs are also available) They are specially designed to improve over all health and wellness, and create lasting change in your life ! Together we tailor your wellness journey to support your total individual wellness goals. These integrated programs are packed full with information, personal and group support options, adventure and exploration. Along with the bimonthly one on one counseling, You will also receive yoga sessions, massage packages, expert lectures, field trips and community support groups.They are designed with the idea that being healthy does not have to be hard and in fact it can even be fun!Eat Well * Feel well * Sleep Well * Live Well * Be well Belize

Here in Belize we have a unique set of  challenges to our health and general wellness. Eating well and getting proper exercise, can be quite a challenge 'inna Belize'. Traditional Belizean food, as delicious as it is, tends to be high in unhealthy fats, salt and sugar and also generally lacks significant amounts of leafy green vegetables needed for proper nutrition. Particularly in this time of the Covid19 epidemic, We have all gained more weight than we should and in lock downs have not been getting the proper exercise or nutrition we all need to manage our health properly. Issues such as gastrointestinal and orthopaedical problems cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes are are all on the rise in adults and children. Healthy food can seen in the short term as more expensive, store bought or fast street food, easier than home cooking. It does not help that food labeling can be incomplete, and our understanding around how to read food labels can be lacking. Sourcing healthy ingredients in among all the packaged food found on the shelves of the Chinese Stores can be challenging.

But here is the thing, We all deserve the chance to live happy healthy lives.

Katherine Devine

Head Coach for  Be * Well * Belize  

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